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For some, sport is a passion. For others, a career. For me, a life. 

For the better part of almost two decades I have been obsessed with Muay Thai and combat sports. 

After my fight career was cut short by injury, I delved deeper into coaching. I had already cut my teeth training beginners and doing PT's but now I had the chance to pass on what I had learnt to aspiring fighters. Over the years I have assisted in building a fight team with state, national and international success, boasting multiple, credible title holders. 

I am also a passionate sports fan. I've often been in awe of the college sports of America - their teams, brands and fanfare. From the Boston College Eagles to UCLA, Notre Dame and Stanton University, I've dreamed of bringing the same attention, mass-recognition and passionate loyalty to Muay Thai. 

Thus, Muay U was born.

More than your traditional boxing gym, Muay U has been designed to give everyone the chance to experience the health and mental benefits of training Muay Thai, regardless of sex, age or gender. 

Whether you want to get your fitness journey started, compliment your current sports journey, try something new or become a world champion fighter, Muay U has a practical, intelligent approach to training Muay Thai whilst retaining the cultural elements that make Muay Thai the beautiful sport that it is. 

Muay Thai changed my life for the better, and I want it to change yours.

Kieran Walsh


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Muay U

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