The Ultimate Fat Burning Workout

The calorie burning, fat incinerating potential of Muay Thai is obvious. Whether on the bag or hitting pads with a partner, the combination of strength, endurance and cardiovascular exercise using kicks, punches, knees and elbows makes Muay Thai a clear rival for any high intensity workout.

A study in 2017 ranked 50 sports for the number of calories burned in an hour long session. Ranked at number one for a whopping 800 calories was boxing, followed by Squash (748), Rowing on a lake (740) and Road Running at a medium pace (700).

1 Boxing - 800 calories burned in an hour

2 Squash - 748

3 Rowing (on a lake or river) - 740

4 Road running at a fast or medium past - 700

5 Swimming - front crawl or butterfly - 680

6 Rugby - 614

7 Football - 612

8 Road cycling fast - 604

9 Gym exercise (weights and cardio) - 590

10 Running on a treadmill - 580

It was abundantly clear to the researchers that from squash to swimming to rugby, boxing was the clear and decisive winner.

Now imagine adding kicks, knees and elbows?

I think we have a new winner.

Muay U offers classes for the absolute beginner through to professional fighters. Don't wait to get fit before training Muay Thai, use Muay Thai to get fit! Book a free trial by emailing or check out our timetable here.

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