Why You Should Sponsor A Muay Thai Fighter - Brand Ambassadors

Why you should sponsor a Muay Thai fighter

Brand Ambassadors

Athletes have stories to tell. It is no wonder more and more businesses are turning to amateur and professional athletes to showcase their brands in new and innovative ways. They are dedicated, passionate and will stop at nothing to reach the top of their sport.

However, sports sponsorship is crowded. On one hand, rights holders and sponsors have become incredibly creative at utilising brands and their positioning to reach consumers in ways they never thought possible. On the other hand, it is incredibly competitive and the ROI (Return On Investment) sometimes hit and miss.

Enter the Muay Thai Brand Ambassador.

Muay Thai is a unique, relatively untapped sport that is ripe for the picking. One Championship, arguably the world's fastest growing fight promotion, has held 13 events in 2018 with an average viewership of 11 million per live event with a staple of their fight roster being Muay Thai. Simarly, the recent Khabib-McGregor UFC Pay Per View attracted two million buys. Agree or disagree with Combat Sports, the numbers are there - hundreds, thousands and sometimes millions of consumers waiting to hear about your brand or business.

An incredibly effective asset in sponsorship, particularly Muay Thai, is the Brand Ambassador.

Gone are the days of slapping a logo on a T-Shirt and being done with it. Brand ambassadors can generate sales for your business, boost your profile in the community and help reach a new audience by showing a side of your business never thought possible. Feature them in your TV commercial or post behind-the-scenes footage on your social media. Connect with the right fighter who aligns to your brand's vision and the opportunities are endless.

Here are some of my tips for picking the right brand ambassador:

Brand Alignment - Let's take a tractor company for example. A promising Muay Thai fighter who grew up in the country and lived on the land could be a PERFECT story if told right. On the other hand, a fighter who grew up in the city and has never ventured anywhere with buildings below three stories, not so much. How does their story align with yours?

Reputation - Do people speak positively of them? Do they carry themselves with poise and dignity? Are they likely to get themselves into trouble? These athletes represent your brand - choose wisely!

A long term vision - Results from sponsorship do not happen overnight. Make sure your athlete is committed to a realistic time-period for your brand/campaign to grow alongside them.

If you are a fighter reading this, think of the above and put yourselves in the shoes of a potential sponsor. This could help you identify the perfect brand to approach, or similarly how you can better work with a current sponsor.

I have worked in Sales and Business Development, including sponsorship, for over a decade. I connect the right brands with the right fighters. Likewise, if you are a fighter looking to broaden your sponsorship opportunities, drop me a line - I would love to chat and see how I could help - kieran@muayu.com.au.


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